At Crossroads, we work with our importers to find the world’s finest green coffee, then roast it as close to perfection as we can. We strive to bring you the best coffee you can get anywhere at any price, while keeping our prices as low as possible. Our coffee is always roasted in small batches, crafted to bring you one fine cup of joe.

We have all the beans you need, custom roasts, and we’ll ship it to you fast! Need coffee for your business? We will make custom roasts to please your customers.

We have gourmet coffee, lattes, cappuccino, espresso, the world’s best milk shakes and real fruit smoothies. Our flavor list is long and we can make up almost anything you want. If you see it on our shelves and want to drink it, we’ll make it for you! Not into coffee? That’s fine too! We have hot chocolate and some of the best tea selection in the area. We have cakes, bagels, biscotti, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, pound cakes, trail mix, chocolate covered espresso beans, and various other things to snack on.