• Roasting Update

    We’re working with importers to get direct trade coffees where we’ve met some of the farmers, and the income goes directly to them. We recently picked up some El Salvador at the Southeastern Roaster’s Conference, where we also met farmers from Brasil, Sumatra, and Costa Rica. The more we learn about coffee, and the culture surrounding it, the more fun this becomes.

    We continue to work with our suppliers and customers to increase knowledge, and help all of us to improve in what we do. We’re not here to make a killing, we just want to help our customers to do well and stay in business, so we can all make a living for years to come. We recently reduced prices when world coffee prices dropped, while most competitors remained the same.

    The way we see it, share the love baby. We look to build relationships to last a lifetime. There’s no hurry. Stay tuned, and thanks.

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